Chimney Rebuild Prevention Therapy

Chimney Rebuilds are almost entirely preventable with proper construction, specialized products and timely maintenance. Mr. Happy Chimney would much rather keep chimneys from falling apart than rebuild them. Rebuild prevention is much easier and less expensive than a rebuild.

Water and water combined with the freeze/thaw cycle is responsible for almost all chimney deterioration, breakdown, and resulting rebuilds. Water penetrates and soaks the brick, mortar, and other masonry of the chimney in a variety of ways and when combined with frost slowly breaks it apart. To prevent chimney deterioration, water needs to be prevented from entering the masonry as much and any moisture that does enter needs to be allowed to quickly evaporate and escape.

Once the damage is done it cannot be reversed. But much of it can be prevented in the first place.

Some major areas for water penetration are:

Water penetration in these and other areas can either be prevented entirely, or the effect minimized with knowledge, the right prevention products & methods, and timely maintenance.

We perform a complete inspection of your chimney and masonry and give you a detailed report of any issues and options for repair & maintenance required to keep it in great condition and prevent a rebuild.

You can then decide the best course of action according to your own priorities and situation.


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