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Crown Cracks and Breakage


The chimney crown or cap is the first line of defense against water penetration and resulting damage. It is like an umbrella or hat on top of the chimney structure. Unfortunately, it is almost always cracked and damaged in a variety of ways that allow snow and water to enter the rest of the chimney bricks, masonry, and interior of the house. This happens in for several reasons including the ones below:

  • Water soaks the top of the crown or cap and the freeze/thaw cycle breaks opens cracks and breaks it apart.
  • Mortar or other inadequate materials are used to construct the cap, rather than concrete. They all break apart eventually but mortar is not made for that purpose and cracks immediately upon drying. Not a week, or a year, but the next day it is cracked.
  • A multi section cap is installed with mortar between the sections. These quickly fall out and allow water directly into the bricks below.


We repair any large cracks, holes and gaps depending on the situation. In some situations a new cap may need to be installed – not often, but sometimes. We apply a thick coating of purpose designed, professional sealer – not tar – over the entire chimney crown.

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