Chimney Inspection

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We perform a full inspection of your entire chimney to identify any issues and problems that are causing your chimney to deteriorate and fall apart. We give you a complete report with pictures so you can understand any problems. We give you options, information and pricing, in order of importance, for any repairs and maintenance.

You can choose the best course of action for you.

We perform any repairs and maintenance you decide with high quality products and work for excellent results.

The inspection itself include a wide variety of items including the following:

  • Condition and suitability of rain caps and flue covers.
  • Condition of the chimney crown or cap, cracks or breakage, suitability of the slope and materials.
  • Condition of the top flue tiles, and farther down as possible.
  • Condition of the bricks and mortar as well as suitability of the mortar joints and type of mortar.
  • Condition of the drip edge or lack of drip edge
  • Condition of the flashing, caulking etc.
  • Condition of lower chimney bricks, mortar, caulking and any potential issues.
  • Numerous other problem and deterioration issues depending on the individual chimney and home.


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