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Flashing & Caulking


The flashing around a chimney is usually sealed with caulking and frequently this caulking is cracked or missing. Sometimes the flashing was poorly installed and allows water to soak up underneath the shingles. Sometimes the shingles around the chimney area are cracked and damaged allowing direct water entry.

  • This allows water to soak the chimney bricks and masonry and also the interior structure of your home.
  • The chimney then deteriorates and is damaged below the roofline as well as above.
  • The water soaks the framing and walls and whether seen or unseen causes mold and rot.
  • The caulking between the chimney and side of the house is often cracked or missing.


We ensure the flashing is well attached, caulked and sealed to the chimney. We apply caulking to seal any problem areas between the chimney and siding. In some situations, we apply a complete rubber membrane called Flash Seal around the entire chimney flashing and surrounding shingles to completely seal the area from water penetration.

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