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Humidity from the House


One source of water that damages chimneys is the humidity and condensation from inside the home. It soaks into the flue tiles, bricks and masonry and adds to moisture already accumulating from the outside.

  • There is normally a space between the brickwork of a chimney and the flue tile column.
  • Moisture and humidity is trapped in the gap and rots the bricks from the inside.


We install weeper vents into mortar joints between bricks near the top of the chimney. These are plastic vents that allow humid air to escape but keep bees and insects out. Warm air rises from the bottom and is pushed out the weeper vents, allowing circulation to an otherwise sealed space. Hardly any chimneys in the Waterloo Region are built with weeper vents installed, and this is an easy way to keep the internal parts of the chimney drier. We ensure well-designed rain caps are installed to minimize moisture going down the flue and maximize ventilation coming up.

Problem solved!

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