Chimney Liners

Mr. Happy Chimney installs chimney liner systems for all Wood, Oil and Gas appliances. We use high-quality products manufactured by Chim-Flex Tubing, right here in Waterloo, which can be custom made to suit almost any situation.

Chimney liners are usually a flexible pipe made of stainless steel or aluminum that functions as an exhaust pipe for an appliance inside your home. It is attached to the appliance inside the house and runs to the top of the chimney to provide a safe and seamless venting system.

Chimney liners are now required for any wood or gas or oil fired system that vents up a chimney, with the exception of open fireplaces. They do a very good job of preventing dangerous gases like carbon monoxide from entering your home, and creosote from wood and oil systems from building up in unseen areas from cracks and damage in clay flue tile lined chimneys. Additionally, the gases are both highly acidic and humid which can result in extensive damage to an unlined chimney system.

The round shape and proper sizing of steel flue liners also create a “cyclone” vortex effect which enhances the draft of your system and makes it burn better.


To have a liner installed on any gas, wood or oil burning appliance please call or email today.

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Trevor had a problem that he wasn’t aware of. He asked us to come clean his chimney before winter and when we inspected the chimney we found that the flu tiles were starting to fall apart.

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