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Wood Burning Systems – Custom Chimney Liners

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There are many situations where a chimney liner needs to be attached to a wood fireplace or stove or other type of appliance but the original construction of the chimney makes it impossible to install a standard liner. Older homes can have unusual chimney dimension or sometimes broken flue tiles make an open fireplace unsafe, but an open fireplace rather than an insert is still desired.

In these situations we can have custom liners manufactured to almost any specifications and often turn what seems to be an impossible situation into a safe and functional system.

When the custom liner is installed carbon monoxide and other gases are prevented from entering your home and it keeps creosote from entering structural areas of the house outside the chimney system.

The flue tiles and mortar inside a chimney almost always have cracks and damage. Even if it was originally well constructed, expansion/contraction, water damage, chimney fires, and age, make gaps and cracks in the flue system inevitable. Smoke leaks through these cracks and fills unseen areas outside the flue system with creosote. It can be between the flue tiles and bricks or inside the walls and structure of the house. Then, if there is a chimney fire, it can result in a house fire.


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