About Mr. Happy Chimney

Mr. Happy Chimney is a family operated Chimney Sweeping and Services business based in Kitchener Ontario. We service Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph and surrounding areas as far as Milton.

We provide Chimney Sweeping and Cleaning services for all types of Wood, Oil, and Gas systems, as well as a wide variety of chimney repair, maintenance and protection, products and services.

Happy Fireplace - Happy Chimney

Both our name, Mr. Happy Chimney, and our motto “Happy Chimneys – Happy Clients” describe what we strive to be for our clients, customers and friends, who are so kind as to have us care for their chimney and fireplace needs. We appreciate that trust and when people have us work for them, we want to return the favour by giving the best we can, in quality of service, product, results and attitude. What that means in practice, as in our Motto, “Happy Chimneys – Happy Clients” is described in detail here

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