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Chimney Shoulder & Lower Bricks


Much of the time there is a “shoulder” at the base of the chimney that is angled to the main chimney stack. Any water from the roof, running down the chimney, or just plain old rain, sits on the bricks and mortar joints of the shoulder and soaks in. This is an area that frequently suffers water and frost damage.

The bricks directly under the roof line and down the side of the chimney are also frequently damaged from excess water running off the roof or down the chimney.

This type of water damage needs to be prevented or eventually the entire chimney will be destroyed.


Any damaged or missing mortar is pointed and repaired. Frequently, bricks on top of the chimney shoulder need to be replaced. Breathable water repellent is applied to the entire chimney to the ground to prevent further water penetration and the resulting damage.

Problem solved!

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