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Drip Line & Cap/Crown Construction


Many chimneys are built with a crown or cap that is too small for the brickwork or from poorly chosen materials, and as a result have no drip line or only a partial drip line. A drip edge or line is a groove under the bottom edge of the cap that stops water from running from the edge of the cap, back to the bricks and soaking the bricks.

There are also chimney designs such as corbel crowns that use bricks for a type of drip edge and others that have no overhanging cap at all and simply let any rain run straight down the bricks. Any chimney with these types of crowns is highly susceptible to water damage.



There are a wide variety of potential solutions dependent on the individual situation. We will assess your chimney and provide various options so you can decide what works best for you.

  • Crown sealer and brick water repellent may be a good solution.
  • A new crown is sometimes a good option.
  • A custom drip edge of various types may is sometimes the answer.

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