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Rain Caps


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A well designed Rain Cap is very important for preventing water damage as well as keeping birds, raccoons, squirrels and their resulting mess out. Without adequate Rain Caps, a number of problems happen.

  • The chimney crown absorbs more water promoting cracks and breakage.
  • Flue tiles are unprotected and water/frost spall, crack and break them, the same as any other masonry.
  • Rain and snow enter the chimney in large quantities, soaking everything right to the foundation. In addition to masonry deterioration, this causes mold and potentially structural damage to the house.
  • Animals nest and live in the chimney and fireplace resulting in additional mess and damage.
  • A poorly designed Rain Cap can actually trap ice around the top flue tile resulting in cracked tiles from frost.


We install well-designed Rain Caps that;

Fit Well

Provide Large Coverage

Protect the Flue Tile

Bolt to the flue tile corners

Stainless Steel

Keep Birds and Animals Out

Allow Proper Draft

Easy Cleaning Access

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