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Corroded Gas Liners & Unlined Chimneys


The exhaust from any gas appliance is highly acidic and humid. If the appliance is connected to the chimney without a liner or the liner is corroded and rusted the acids and condensation will rot the chimney apart from the inside.

  • Aluminum liners also corrode and rot from the acids in flue gases. This can sometimes happen in less than 10 years.
  • Gases and condensation escaping corroded liners will rapidly destroy the bricks and masonry internally.
  • Unlined chimneys will rot away from top to bottom and the damage can often be seen from the outside.


Install a liner from any gas appliance such as a furnace or water heater to the top of the chimney. If there is any visible corrosion inside the liner it should be replaced. Stainless steel liners last far longer and should always be used if practical for the client. Weeper vents are installed at the top of the chimney to help humidity escape the chimney cavity.

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