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Bricks & Mortar


Bricks and mortar absorb large quantities of water from rain, snow and humidity and when combined with the freeze/thaw cycle break apart. Mortar cracks and falls out. Bricks break apart internally and eventually the faces start to spall, crack and fall off. By this time the bricks are like shale or corn flakes on the inside. For every brick with obvious damage there are several others with significant internal damage.

  • In Southern Ontario we have cold, wet weather in Spring and Fall, and as a result chimney masonry is subject to very harsh conditions.
  • Often chimneys are constructed with hard concrete style of mortar which prevents evaporation.
  • Raked joints allow additional water to sit on top of bricks and add to the problem.
  • Shoulders on the lower part of chimneys allow water to sit directly on top of bricks and mortar.
  • Once the damage is apparent it is often too late to fix but can be largely prevented in the first place.



  • We repair and seal cracked and broken mortar joints.
  • We replace damaged bricks if it makes sense to do so.
  • We apply high quality, purpose designed, breathable water repellent to the bricks and mortar.
  • Our water repellent prevents water from entering, but is 100% breathable to allow maximum evaporation. If the bricks are actually sealed, humidity and water are trapped and causes more damage than doing nothing at all.

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