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Chimney Crown/Cap Cracks

Chimney Caps or Crowns are almost always cracked and broken from the action of water and the freeze/thaw cycle. This is the primary cause of most chimney breakdown and the eventual need for a rebuild. This issue is entirely preventable and if caught in time the process can easily be stopped.

Water sits on top of a chimney, soaks it, and enters any hairline cracks or other flaws in the cap masonry. Freezing conditions then crack and break the concrete or mortar on top of the chimney apart. Water then goes through to the bricks, mortar and inside of the chimney and breaks that apart as well.

The process starts as soon as the chimney is built or rebuilt, but happens entirely unseen from the ground until too late.

We use a professional grade Crown Sealer over the entire chimney cap, to keep water off the top masonry and prevent this problem from starting.

If the cap is already breaking apart, we repair the top masonry, and then apply the sealer.


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