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Flashing Repair – Flash Seal

We also have a protective rubber “boot” called Flash Seal that we apply in serious water entry or damaged flashing/shingles situations. This is a brush on sealant that covers the entire chimney flashing and shingles around the chimney to prevent any water entry. It is purpose designed, is strengthened with fibreglass mesh and solves water entry problems in the area for years to come.

Flash Seal is often a good solution when water is penetrating poorly installed flashing or damaged shingles in the chimney area and causing visible staining on the interior walls of the home. Water can leach up underneath shingles behind and around chimneys far enough to then soak the roofing and run down walls. This can cause extensive structural damage not just to the chimney, but your home as well. Flash Seal prevents this “wicking” action.


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