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Why Chimney’s Fall Apart

why chimney's fall appart in south western ontario

Just call or email to book an inspection of your masonry chimney to prevent costly repairs and rebuilds in the future.

Chimney deterioration and break-down is almost always caused by water and water combined with frost. Water enters small cracks and gaps in a number of ways, then combined with the freeze/thaw cycle begins to break the crown, flue tiles, bricks, mortar and masonry of a chimney apart.

Most chimney deterioration and chimney rebuilds are easily preventable, but unfortunately the process usually goes unnoticed until pieces of brick are falling on the lawn. By then it is too late.


Some of the most common areas in need of repair and maintenance on chimneys are:

  • Broken Flue Tiles
  • Chimney Crown/Cap is cracked or broken
  • Rain Cap is ineffective or missing entirely
  • Mortar Joints are cracked or missing
  • Flashing is damaged or poorly sealed
  • Flashing or Shingles are leaking
  • Chimney Crown/Cap is too small and/or lacks a drip edge
  • Bricks are spalled or broken (Often too late for repairs by this point)

Anytime we are on your roof, we will have a good look at your chimney and give you a full report about any repair or preventative maintenance issues we find.

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