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Cleaning Chimneys for Wood Burning Systems – Fireplace Inserts

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A Fireplace Insert is a manufactured fireplace – basically an airtight wood stove – that is designed to fit inside an open fireplace and has a metal “surround” that covers the remaining area of the fireplace opening. They have a stainless steel chimney liner connected from the top of the insert to the top of the chimney. Inserts are much more efficient than an open fireplace and usually much safer to operate.

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Cleaning Fireplace Inserts

The Main Sweeping and Cleaning, “How We Clean” section all applies. The information below is specific to fireplace inserts.

– The chimney is normally lined with a round, flexible, stainless steel liner pipe that connects the top of the insert to the top of the chimney. The liners can be many different sizes, but modern inserts almost always use 5 or 6 inch diameter liners.

– These liners are swept with polyester brushes to prevent scratches on the inside of the liner.

– We use a size and stiffness of brush appropriate to the type and volume of creosote.

– Inside the fireplace insert is always some sort of baffle or damper system. These are removed both to clean the baffles as well as the inside top of the insert.

– The insert is fully cleaned, brushed and vacuumed on the inside.

– The glass in the door is cleaned and the surround is wiped down.

– All ashes, creosote, and debris are removed from the insert and taken with us.

– The hearth and area around the front of the fireplace insert is vacuumed and cleaned.

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