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Cleaning Chimneys for Oil Furnaces

Oil Furnaces chimneys accumulate soot and need to be cleaned regularly. They should be lined with a stainless steel chimney liner much the same as a wood stove and the process is similar. The creosote is generally a fine powder and messy to clean.

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Cleaning Oil Furnaces

The Main Sweeping and Cleaning, “How We Clean” section all applies. The information below is specific to oil furnaces.

The chimney is cleaned with the appropriate size, material, and type of brush, depending on the chimney and liner system, and the type of creosote in each situation. It can be cleaned from the top or bottom, but either way, the inside pipes are disconnected to prevent soot from entering the furnace. Next, the pipes connecting the furnace to the chimney are well cleaned.

The inside of the furnace is carefully brushed and vacuumed and all soot and debris are removed and taken with us.

Finally, the area around the furnace is cleaned up.


We do not service any part of the oil furnace. We clean the chimney and pipes. Oil furnaces need to be serviced regularly by a qualified technician.

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