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Chimney Sweeping Wood Burning Systems – Open Fireplaces

Chimney Sweeping Open Fireplace

What we refer to as an “open” fireplace is what most people think of when they hear the word “fireplace”.

They have been around in one form or another since humans got tired of having smoke filled dwellings and figured out how to build a rudimentary firebox and chimney. Over the years they have been built in an endless variety of ways, some good, many not so much. There are a lot around with various modern configurations, both built in and pre-manufactured, but they are all cleaned in generally the same way.

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Cleaning Open Fireplaces

The Main Sweeping and Cleaning, “How We Clean” section all applies. The information below is specific to open fireplaces.

The fireplace chimney is usually lined from the top of the fireplace smoke chamber (area above the damper) to the top of the chimney, with clay flue tiles. These tiles come in a variety of sizes and shapes with the most common being an 8×12 inch rectangle. We sweep them with different types of flat steel, wire, or polyester brushes depending on the type and quantity of creosote, and the condition of the flue tiles. These flu tiles are often damaged from water, chimney fires, and age, so we check for obvious problems.

– The fireplace damper is removed, if possible, to allow for better cleaning access, and reinstalled later.

– The smoke chamber – above the damper – is thoroughly brushed and cleaned.

– The smoke shelf – behind the damper is brushed cleaned and vacuumed.

– The ashes and debris are removed from the firebox and taken with us.

– The firebox and grate are brushed and vacuumed.

– If there are glass doors they are cleaned.

– The hearth is vacuumed and cleaned.

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